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Greetings Members and Advocates for NANM Inc.

In a recent worship experience, it was my privilege to hear a sermon titled “Unity” by the Reverend Weldon Smith of the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans, NY. In his exposition he contrasted the members of the community to the Sequoia Trees much like the one I’m standing under in the Redwood Forest of California. I see comparisons – the power and vigor of NANM to these magnificent massive trees.

In doing a bit of research on the Sequoia, there are commonalities between its growth, its strength and our beloved NANM. As Board members, presidents of Branches and its cadre of members (adult, life, collegiate, youth and junior members), we are connected, protective, supportive, inspired by and engaged in the work of NANM. This is the process that makes us who we are. We are strong and truly our neighbors’ keepers. Sequoias’ roots run no deeper than other trees; however, it is noted that these roots are intertwined with each other to affirm their united “spirit.” This tree, in its nature, is comparable to NANM. We are hearty, resilient supportive of each other, linked, and we keep growing. I want you to be encouraged by the fact that we stand together. We are building our memberships and Branches, developing year long programs, scholarships, mentorships, workshops, seminars, NANM Week, NANM

Musically Speaking, and fundraising. We will utilize platforms through social media and other devices that maintain and enhance our music and musicians. We reinforce our vision and mission.

The 2023 National NANM Convention takes place in Dallas, July 9-12, 2023, and the Scholarship Competition will feature string instruments. We want you to be prepared and excited as the Team rolls out another creative program with your input.

As you follow this visionary, remember that you are also leaders. You may face a mild orsevere “winter” which comes with the turf. As our neighborly roots grow wide, you will find strength and intentional support from all of us. Be encouraged by the following clip sent to me:

Thanks for being you. I appreciate you. We appreciate you.

NANMfully yours,


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