Dear Members and Advocates for Music composed, arranged and/or performed by African Americans.

I welcome you to the National Association of Negro Musicians Incorporated’s website and to our world of music. We are celebrating 103 years, a history of preserving and performing music from our Black experiences.  Our first ever Virtual NANM Convention 2021 from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Philadelphian, was an exciting moment in our great history of Conventions.  I am truly thank to all of you who attended that Convention.  The number of registered members and non-members exceeded our wildest expectation…the largest number before and after the Centennial Convention.  We trust that this 2022 Hybrid Convention, originating from Atlanta will be just as successful if not more so. All of us look forward to an end to this pandemic which continues to be a barrier, separating us from the human touch and from musical gatherings. NANM will continue to be intentional in its presentations and in the development of ALL genres of music.

These include, but are not limited to the blues, jazz, Spirituals, hymns, gospel, classical music and musical theater. With the recognition of all of our music let us provide even greater attention to the Negro Spiritual which speaks to the soul, articulates our American history and keeps our legacy alive.


NANM aims for growth in the adult, collegiate, youth and junior memberships, for excellence in our year ‘round programs, and for diversity at every level of musical endeavor. It appreciates the positive and productive ideas flowing throughout the Regions. Additionally, NANM is confident in its ability to mobilize, to augment a myriad of technological platforms to support the vision, mission and musical goals.


Please look forward to and plan well in advance for the 2022 Hybrid NANM National Convention which will be held in Atlanta, GA, July 10-13, 2022. I trust you have already registered with your early bird registration fee. Also, the scholarship competition promises to be electrifying. Join us and encourage others to attend our next Convention in Atlanta celebrating 103 years. Send in your congratulatory Ads musicians, emerging artists and the Branch to which you belong. Purchase tickets to the Life Membership Guild’s Luncheon Fundraiser, a favorite among members.


What our Founders built and developed is the model we will continue to follow. Anything less is disrespectful. We want our young and older musicians alike to witness greatness from others and in themselves; nothing short of greatness! We need only to look at our own past presidents and leaders as conductors, composers, writers, arrangers, vocalists, instrumentalists and say, “Yes, we can, and Yes, we will.” Undoubtedly, we still have work to do, starting here and now. NANM cannot go backwards or stay here. It must move forward while maintaining its high standards for musical performance. 


Keep the faith! Stay well and be safe.


Thank you for your continued support. See you in Atlanta.


NANMfully yours,

Anne-Marie Hudley Simmons

National President, NANM, Inc.

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