Dear Advocates for Music of the African Diaspora,


I welcome you to the National Association of Negro Musicians Inc. home page. We have just celebrated 100 years of musical endeavors that featured music composed and/or performed by African-American/Black/Colored/Negro Musicians. As we build this site for 2020 ventures, stay tuned for programs throughout the year and for the upcoming convention in July 2020 which includes our national piano competition. Individual regions are encouraged to identify pianists in their areas to recruit for this competition. Applications can be submitted online through this website. Visit the scholarship tab for more information for guidelines and eligibility requirements.


Under my leadership, we will include ALL genres of music from the African American experience including (but not limited to) blues, jazz, spirituals, hymns, gospel, classical, and musical theater. We encourage the presentation of various genres in our branches, our regional conferences and at our national convention. We aim for excellence and diversity in everything we present at every level or the organization.


The 2020 NANM National Convention will be held in Philadelphia in July. Join us. Keep in touch with us. Let us hear your positive voice.


We are making changes and strides. Yes, we have work to do, starting here, starting now. We will do the work.


Thank you for your continued support.


NANMfully yours,

Anne-Marie Hudley Simmons

National President, NANM, Inc.

Anne-Marie Hudley Simmons.jpg