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According to Robert F. Smith, founding director and President of the Fund II Foundation, “There’s nothing greater than liberating the human spirit”  The mission of NANM is fundamental to the fabric of our lives. Our music liberates and connects us to each other, reaching across the globe to educate, provide relationships and heal...there is a Balm in Gilead.

At a glance, the united mission of the National Association of Negro Musicians Incorporated states that we promote, preserve and support all genres of music created and/or performed by African Americans. This is what we do year ‘round from September 1 through August 31, and we replicate this formula and strategize to augment our endeavors. If not us, then who will? 

If you attended the 2023 NANM Convention in Dallas, Texas, under the leadership of Dr. Sylvia Hollifield, Chair and Mr. Julian Goods, Co-Chair, with the support of the Southwestern Regional Director, Dr. Barron Coleman and

his team, you left on cloud 9, which is, in a way of speaking, one of our unspoken goals. Yes. It was a glorious musical and artistic expression of how NANM’s blueprint is actualized. This culminating event, a staple of our organization, is becoming more exciting as we kick the box to the curb to present amazing episodes that impact our spirit, health and our collective musical tastes. 

Our mission guides the blueprint for how we intentionally advance our goals and objectives. and valor permits us to reach deeply and do something that most would not even imagine having the capacity to do.  Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence [and the building of bridges] has no end. I salute the unwavering commitment of our Officers, National Board Members, Regional Directors, Branch Presidents, members and advocates to accomplish remarkable and important business for NANM, applauding the concepts of its founders. A borrowed truth, “Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set.” Therefore, I thank all of you for your commitment to excellence, to growth, camaraderie and accomplishments.


As we move forward to the 2024 Convention, and I trust everyone is planning to attend July 14-18, 2024, in California, I urge you to enlarge your vision of what NANM does yearly. The procedures include opportunities for growth, the year-long programs, workshops, mentoring, webinars, conferences, recitals, local auditions, scholarships, productions and support to each other in all musical endeavors. With our cadre of members (adult, life, collegiate, youth and junior), we are connected, protective, supportive, inspired by and engaged in the work of NANM. This is the process that makes us who we are. Keep growing! Your collective challenge is for everyone to influence two or more to join your branch, ensuring that your branch is providing programs no one wants to miss. Engage your members in the process and always encourage your friends and advocates to join you in support of liberating the human spirit through our music. Our mission is vast, and it is truthfully said, “many hands make light work.”

Watch the website for the developing 2024 Convention preparations. I can tell you we will have unusual gatherings which will include gala artists, the majesty of the Spiritual, jazz, Gospel Music, musical theater, choral reading opportunities and more. 

Thank you for your support to the oldest historical organization for the preservation and enhancement of music composed, arranged and/or perform by African Americans. I appreciate you. We appreciate you. 

NANMfully yours,


“We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and the future.”

- Frederick Douglass

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